Welcome to Hacienda Maize, home of Unapologetically Delicious™ artisanal, award-winning hot pepper jelly that we call Jammin’ Jelly — “spicy/sweet culinary magic in a jar.” Our jalapeño jelly is our most-famed — so far! Our Jalapeño Diablo is gaining serious fans, and the Mira Sol Pueblo chile variety is inspiring adoration.

We are Champions in gourmet foods competitions 201320142015 and 2016! Newly 3 wins at the World Hot Sauce Awards 2016, and four at the 2016 IFA!

Each Jammin’ Jelly is seasoned to complement the specific characteristics of the fire-roasted chile variety, and offers you delicious creativity in preparing foods to delight.

All of Hacienda Maize Fire-Roasted Chile Jammin’ Jellies are unique, thrilling and versatile! Jammin' Jellies: hot pepper jelly, including the original jalapeño jelly from Hacienda Maize

Jammin’ Jellies…

  • Are all-natural culinary marvels: fire-roasted Colorado-grown chiles complemented with premium spices from around the world.  Awesome to cook with!
  • Are unlike any hot pepper jelly you have encountered before.  Serious small-batch crafting of every variety and every jar results in extraordinary quality, taste and versatility.
  • Are “like angels dancing on your tongue.” (Quote: customer from Phoenix, AZ)
  • Make your “tongue jump up and slap your brains around” (Quote: customer from the Southern U.S.)

Hacienda Maize…

  • Is passionate about great food and great times – elements that feed the soul.
  • Hand-crafts authentic, all-natural foods that delight and surprise adventurous palates.
  • Is Unapologetically Delicious™. We work with local farmers to bring the freshest, best-tasting, locally-grown produce to our products in order to complement your entertaining and cooking adventures.
  • Wants to delight you! Let us know how we’re doing!


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