Hacienda Maize™ is a three-generation family (the Maize family) artisanal food crafter centered in Colorado. Our roots in Colorado run deep – six generations – and our love for chiles and corn drives everything we do, including making superb hot pepper jelly.

Our first taste of a chile pepper jelly was in the late seventies. Oooo-wheee! Grandma Mary Maize – who before had been known for her chokecherry and rose petal jellies, as well as her delightful cheekiness – found a basic pepper jelly recipe in the newspaper and a legacy was born, leading us to craft the best jalapeño jelly in the world.

We have been developing and perfecting that recipe (and others) for decades, and during all that time have been encouraged to “spread the love” even further. So, on Cinco de Mayo 2010 we started in a bigger way. The only complaint? Fewer backyard chile-pepper-peeling parties and spirited jelly-making marathons with great friends and music at harvest time.

It thrills us to see how ya’ll react to our chile delights. There’s a curiosity, a blooming of expression and an “Ooooooohhhh” or an “Oooo-wheee” that satisfies our souls.

Truly, if we could video-record these moments when we first meet you and introduce you to Jammin Jelly, we would.

We are very gratified at your appreciation – after sampling, Hacienda Maize customers say things like…“This is amazing!” … “awesome.” … “incredible”… First-time triers, 1979 to present.

“Yours is the best sauce here!” – Frisco BBQ Challenge 2012

“This is one of the most interesting things I’ve ever tasted – in a GOOD way.” – Visitor to Vail, CO.

“We have nothing like this in my country.” – Visitor to Denver, CO, from India.

“It’s like a party in my mouth.” – at Denver County Fair.

“This is better than funnel cakes!” – Ten-year old festival-goer, Olathe CO.

“! Que rica !” – Denver, CO

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