Some of our favorites — these are individuals and resources who inspire us and are key to Hacienda Maize success and hot pepper jelly happiness. (See retailer section for more!)

Cake Bubbles, Pam Hackbarth
Chef Jackson Lamb, Director of Culinary Management, Metropolitan State College
Chef Michael De Giovanni, American Chefs Association
Colorado Buffalo Grill, LeeAnn Trynoski
Colorado Department of Agriculture
Colorado Homes and Lifestyles magazine; Elaine St. Louis, Art Director
Colorado Proud
Colorado State Extension Service, Rocky Ford, Mike Bartolo
Colorado State University, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Janice Brown
Daniel Luna, visual artist, 303.733.1419
Don Riley Photography
Gabby Gourmet, Pat Miller
Guerrero’s Chiles
Milberger Farms
Mile High Wine & Spirits
Mira Sol Chile Corporation
Motyka Johnson, illustrator
Pacific Pectin
Palombo Farms Market
Propaganda Labs, web site design firm
Pueblo Chamber of Commerce
Savory Spice
Serioz restaurants: Lowry, and Serioz on 17th
Sidle Studios, logo and graphic design
Steve Miller, marketing guru
The Real Dill
Women’s Bean Project

Chiles are great for you (chiles = endorphins = feeling deliciously good)!

Dr. Oz recommends 2 Tablespoons of hot pepper jelly every morning to kick-start your metabolism — deliciously!  For example, toast+nut butter+Jammin’ Jelly.

According to chilipeppermadness.com, and other sources, chile peppers are extremely healthy for you, and should be included in your regular diet. Some articles:

And know that Hacienda Maize™ Jammin’ Jellies are rumored to have aphrodisiacal qualities. :-)

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