The Miracle of The Mira Sol

The Mira Sol Chile makes for a miraculous hot pepper jelly

Photo: Mike Bartolo, CSU University Vegetable Crops Specialist

This BEAUTY of a chile is particularly well-suited to the growing conditions in Pueblo, Colorado. You’ll hear or see the Mira Sol referred to as “The Pueblo Chile.”

The Miracle of The Mira Sol — this chile is . . .

  • Unique in that it grows upward – “looking toward the sun” in Spanish.
  • Delicious with tones that are distinct from New Mexico chiles because of Pueblo’s cool nights and fresh Rocky Mountain water via the Arkansas river
  • A delightful heat. At 2,500 – 5,000 Scoville units, the Mira Sol ranges in heat between an Anaheim and a jalapeño.

Experiment in cooking with this chile! Mira Sol makes a superb chile verde stew and incomparable salsas!

The hot pepper jelly we make with Mira Sol includes superb complements of lime and cilantro notes.

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