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We’re delighted that you appreciate Hacienda Maize Fire-Roasted Chile Jammin’ Jelly — so very unique and offering so many cooking possibilities! Amazing hot pepper jelly that is “da bomb!”

We’d particularly like to know how you are cookin’ it up with Jammin’ Jellies.  Follow the link below and let us know if you’re okay with your comments being shared.

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Khristopher’s Culinaire posted on Facebook: “(Hacienda Maize Jammin’ Jellies were)…recommended by a regular customer. We have carried pepper jellies for years, and I wasn’t sure that this one would stand out among the rest. I was wrong. This pepper jelly is in a class all by itself. The best I have ever tasted.” 

Well we looked and looked for good pepper jellies and yours is by far the best we have had! We make everybody that comes to our house try it! We are lifelong customers. Thank you for making such a quality product! — Justin, Fort Collins CO

Yesterday was my first day back at the office, and guess what I found on my desk? :)  Well, OK, let me tell you!  I found THREE jars of awesome pepper jelly.  They were all delicious (yes, I tried all three).  Yes!  I know…I have tried them before…but I wondered if the first time had been a dream.  No, three ‘taste-ses’ (as likely to be said in NOLA) revealed that this stuff is real, hot, and totally awesome!  Maryse D, WWOZ radio in New Orleans

Made Thai Peanut Sauce from the Recipe section (using your pepper jelly, of course) for a stir-fry dinner.  Absolutely delicious and so easy!  Will take photos when I do my noodle dish with it!  — Chris C., Centennial CO

I have been a big fan of pepper jellies for years. The Fire-Roasted Jalapeño Diablo Jammin Jelly is by far the best I have ever had! Don’t ever stop making it please! — Steven D, Texas

We think our Mole Verde Spice would pair quite nicely with the jams — with your Mira Sol, chicken, pork and white fish or shellfish.  With Jalapeño or Diablo, our new regional spice blend, San Andreas Achiote Rub for beef and game.  What fun!  Brenda, Manager, Savory Spice Shop,

Great addition to Monte Cristo sandwiches the other day, and also used to finish off some Grilled Tequila Lime Chicken.  Great flavor enhancer…Everyone who has tried the products are amazed at how clean the flavor is and how well-balanced the spice and sweetness is.  — Chef Aron Essig, UNC

My husband just loves it…we’re very glad we found you!  — Cathy, Florida

How can I get some (Jammin’ Jelly) locally?  My mom is coming in town, and I would love to make those pecans and the curried chicken salad.  I think she would love it!  — Kevin, Colorado

I love your jellies…I’ve sampled others…yours are by far the best!  — Karen, Colorado

Best jellies ever.  They do not fall short of a good kick in the taste buds.  The Diablo is simply amazing.  Gracias!  — Katie, via Facebook

I love your jalapeño jelly!  I tried it at a holiday party with brie.  Delish!   — Kat, Colorado,

Your jellies really are AMAIZING.  I’m hoarding mine for when my boys get back from college, which will make me Mother of the Year. — Amy, Colorado

Unlike Amy, I’m not hoarding my jam at all.  It makes the best peanut butter sandwich on the planet!  And I can’t wait to make corn muffins with a little dollop of the jam inside.  Or my jalapeño cranberry pecan bread, which calls for a dollop of jalapeño jelly.  I maintain: this jam is da bomb! — M.B., Colorado

Note: while sure that MB’s recipe is better, we did a search and believe that this is a good start: Cranberry Jalapeño Bread via

I make the world’s best nopalitos chili. . .  that was UNTIL I  added one teaspoon of Jammin’ Jelly to a bowl of my chili. The perfect temperature and a delightful complexity of taste. This was the perfect complement to an already great dish.  — David, Colorado, via Facebook

Love the taste — like a “Party in the Mouth!”–   Jackson, Minnesota

Unbelievable!!!!!!!  It has so many flavors — spicy, but not too spicy — warm but not too warm.  Thanks again for a great product!  — Ben, Missouri

We had houseguests that brought a jar of your jalapeño jelly with them.  We loved it and immediately went online to purchase some more!  — Barbara, Colorado

This product is awesome!!!  — Fred, California,via Facebook

Just ordered jelly to meet me in the US!  Eu amo Geléias Jammin! Tão muito quente e delicioso!  ;-)  Sarah, Brazi

The best pepper jelly I have ever tried! Picked some up from the Fair yesterday!  — Sara, Colorado, via Facebook

Love your products.  I’m glad to see you’ve added Diablo and Mira Sol to your offering.  It’s good to see Colorado companies delivering great products!  — Tim, Colorado

On a HOT day like today, throw some jammin’ jelly over a slab of good cream cheese, get out the knife, and slather some on cuke slices or along the trough of a celery piece. YUM!! DON’T FORGET THE SANGRIA OR A GOOD BEER :-)~ — Karen, Colorado, Maven of Izzybelle Chocolate

Your products are amazing!  Look for my re-order soon!  — TJ, Colorado

The Diablo Jammin’ Jelly is the best jelly I have ever had!  — Jeannie via Facebook

Your Jammin’ Jellies are a “Touch of Heaven!”  My whole family loves the taste that all three jellies give.  I am a customer for life!  — Loucinda, Colorado

Indeed, delicious!  I want to spread the love with others.  Needing more to begin cooking with it.  — Jeremy, Colorado

With your awesome Jalapeño Jammin Jelly: one part Jammin’ Jelly, two parts ketchup…I won’t be able to consume regular ketchup ever again. — Mike, butcher, Colorado

This is Mike again.  I couldn’t wait to try the chocolate syrup with Jammin’ Jelly.  Four parts Hershey syrup, 2 parts Jammin’ Jelly.  Serve on vanilla ice cream.  Wonderful!!!!!!!  Just as I thought.  I had to share… — Mike, Colorado

I discovered (Jammin’ Jelly) last month…My 25-year-old son could not control himself around it!!!  So, I thought I’d order at least three jars; maybe I should have ordered twelve.  I’ll be taking one of the jars with me to Louisiana for Christmas.  Cajuns LOVE delicious, hot stuff, so I ought to be a very popular person while there.  — Karen, Colorado

Heavenly!!!!  This is a fabulous product and I think I am now addicted to this Jelly.             –Kathleen, Colorado

I brought the jelly out with cream cheese and crackers.  I fixed up a plate of this and passed it around and they were all amazed.  We had approximately 50 people there at the time and we went through two jars in no time at all. — Peter, Michigan

“These (Jammin’ Jellies) are The Bomb!”
“Say it ain’t so — no retailers in my area yet???”

— Colorado Springs

“This is possibly the best thing I’ve ever tasted in my life.”
— Doug, Manitou Springs

From Mike in Loveland CO: Mike’s Delights (Cookies)
. Hacienda Maize Fire-Roasted Jalapeño Jammin’ Jelly
. Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers
. Cream cheese, room temperature
. Fresh strawberries, sliced thin to medium thickness
. Chopped walnuts
1. Spread cream cheese, then Jammin’ Jelly on chocolate wafers.
2. Layer sliced strawberries on top.
3. Sprinkle with nuts and enjoy.
! Savor !

From Canada: MUSSELS a la Hacienda Maize™
Heat your BBQ, layer it with fresh mussels. When the mussels pop open, dab them with Jammin’ Jelly. Let the flavors blend, remove from grill, serve and … — Janet H, Vancouver BC

! Savor !

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