Hacienda Maize™ is pleased to offer you dining and entertaining adventures with Unapologetically Delicious™ hot pepper jelly that is all-natural and superbly one-of-a-kind. We claim “savory fire-roasted chile velvet”. Jammin’ Jellies are loaded with chiles and are a fusion of jam and jelly that manifests in a smooth/silky texture and a layering of flavor/glaze/caramelization in cooking that will astound you.

Hot pepper jelly in a rainbow of colors by Hacienda Maize: Jalapeño Diablo (red), Jalapeño jelly, Mira Sol as the mildestThese Jammin’ Jellies are complex and savory, chile-pepper-packed (can’t see through ‘em) and made with deeply fire-roasted chiles from local Colorado farms. Gorgeous!  Genuine: fire-roasting of our chiles is pure (no acid-washing processes or other such nonsense) and our chiles have character and integrity (no wimpy peppers allowed).

Feel the heat! Taste the fire! From firecracker-hot-Diablo and the original Jalapeño Jelly to the mellower Mira Sol, if you’re a lover of chiles you will love Jammin’ Jelly.*

All-natural rainbow of colors — the only color you see is pure chile goodness. Color and heat vary on occasion due to nature’s fancies, which we happily honor.

At Hacienda Maize we work with local farmers to bring the best to you. A couple of our favorites: Milberger Farms in Pueblo CO and Palombo Farms in Brighton CO.

Hacienda Maize Fire-Roasted Chile Jammin’ Jellies include the following:

Jammin’ Hacienda Gift Assortment™
Savor all the flavor each Jammin’ Jelly variety offers with one of each in this ready-to-give gift bag! The trifecta of “Unapologetically Delicious” hot pepper jelly collection is sure to please. Shipped as shown here*, the Jammin’ Hacienda Gift Assortment makes a great holiday gift idea. Ease your holiday gift giving stress and buy one for everyone on your list.

*Jammin’ Hacienda Assortment bag color may vary slightly

Jalapeño Jelly -- Jammin' Jelly -- hot pepper jelly from Hacienda Maize
Jalapeño Jammin’ Jelly™
Our most popular variety, Jalapeño Jammin’ Jelly has a superb spice balance and is a culinary transformer of foods at table, in the kitchen or at the grill. Sure to please jalapeño jelly lovers and delight hot pepper jelly enthusiasts!
Heat: Unapologetically Hot™
Jalapeño Diablo hot pepper jelly from Hacienda Maize
Jalapeño Diablo Jammin’ Jelly™
 Not for the timid, DIABLO is a thrilling combination of
field-ripened lush red jalapeños and exotic spices in a hot pepper jelly that will stimulate your senses and palate. Unique and delicious jalapeño jelly like no other.
Heat: Unapologetically XXX™

Mira Sol hot pepper jelly from Hacienda Maize
Mira Sol Verde Jammin’ Jelly™ is of the famed Pueblo chile (Pueblo, CO), a distinctively delicious chile that is milder in heat than a jalapeño and offers floral and grassy notes.
We bring the uniquenesses of the Mira Sol chile forward with lime and cilantro.  While milder than our jalapeño jelly varieties, the Mira Sol provides great chile character and flavor in this carefully-crafted hot pepper jelly.
  (Click here for the Mira Sol chile story)
Heat: Unapologetically Sassy™

*If you’re a lover of the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Chile pepper,  you’re on your own.




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