Our Latest Recipes with Hacienda Maize Fire-Roasted Chile Jammin’ Jellies: hot pepper jelly and jalapeño jelly magic…:

When we’re Jammin’ in the cocina we’re dancing to world rhythms and creating culinary masterpieces. Try the culinary dance yourself –good for your soul! (Sample soundtrack: “Worldbeat” station or “Brazilian Radio” on Pandora.)

And try these delicious, delightful, de-lovely and delectable dishes…we post a new one on occasion, so keep checking back. Hot pepper jelly like you have never had, nor are likely to elsewhere, and offering cooking magic limited only by your imagination.

With Jammin’ Jelly you’ve got a culinary treasure in your hands. As Mz Billie (Maize) says, “Jammin’ Jelly lasts only as long as you allow it to!”

As J.M. Hirsch of Associated Press writes, “You don’t need to love spicy foods in order to love what spicy foods can do for the foods you love.”

Three varieties: Mira Sol, Jalapeño jelly (the young, green chile) and Jalapeño Diablo (mature and complex). Some favorite cooking uses of each variety include:
Mira Sol: fish, shrimp!!! and shellfish, vinaigrette — a lighter touch with great chile character
Jalapeño jelly: perfect for enhancing cuisines from the world over: Cajun, Caribbean, curries, stir-fries…
Jalapeño Diablo: robust flavors such as beef, ham, dark chocolate, black coffee and more delicate ones such as sweet potatoes and stir-fried apples

To customize:
• add more fresh-chopped chiles if you like more heat
• add herbs if you want to tailor, such as mint with lamb, tarragon with chicken, or cilantro with carnitas
• add berries, fruit, citrus zest, or your favorite jam (sweet or savory) as a component or garnish

To complement:
• mix Jammin’ Jelly and soy sauce for a savory dipping sauce (grilled tuna, anyone?)
• mix Jammin’ Jelly and mayonnaise for a creamy remoulade sauce for fish and seafood
• mix Jammin’ Jelly and sour cream for a delight-full chip/vegetable/meat dip

To cook with ease:
• stir a dollop of Jammin’ Jelly into your stir-fry/soup/chili/can o’beans/vinaigrette/chicken salad
• serve Jammin’ Jelly alongside your culinary creations
• caramelize any vegetables or meats stove-top
• glaze anything about to be served from the grill or oven

Any Jammin’ Jelly works in our recipes.  In cooking with Jammin’ Jelly you are limited only by your chile-heat love so far, and your adventurousness.  Hot pepper jelly deliciously transforms foods.

Some of our favorite recipes:



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